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Is there a way to do it with XNALara? I see two models I've been wanting for years, but they're in .obj format and are not loading on XNALara. So, I ask, is there a way to pose the .obj files? Or can someone convert them to a format that XNALara can use?

The crowd is coming alive! This is NXT! We are already onto our first match!

*The Divas make their entrances*

We have a unique tag-team match here as Bayley and Carmella, who dub themselves, "Baymella" are taking on the team consisting of the Boss, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss.

Bayley is wearing her purple attire.
Carmella is wearing her normal black shorts attire.
Banks is wearing a light-red attire.
Bliss is wearing her normal red shorts attire.

The match begins as Bayley and Sasha start things off. Sasha taunts Bayley, who missed a few weeks of action due to an injury. Bayley charges at Sasha but almost drives herself to the opponent's corner. Bayley catches herself as Sasha continues to taunt Bayley. Sasha pushes Bayley and slaps her.

Bayley retorts and slaps Sasha back before performing a Thesz Press and hitting Sasha. Bayley connects with an arm drag. Carmella is looking on and smiling as Bayley locks in a submission maneuver on Sasha Banks. Sasha's arm is being bent backwards.

Bayley is looking fierce today! Sasha manages to roll out of the hold and she tags in Bliss. Bayley tags in Carmella. Both of these ladies have had major issues with each other over the past few weeks. Bliss interfered in a tag-team match involving Carmella's best friends, Enzo & Cass, who looked to take the tag-team title belts away from the reigning champions, Blake & Murphy.

Carmella and Alexa start hammering at each other, each getting in and equal amount of offense. Carmella charges at Bliss but Bliss jumps over her and hits a schoolgirl pin. Carmella manages to kick out. Carmella is a bit dazed but nevertheless, she continues her offense.

Bliss starts countering and eventually pushes Carmella into a corner. Bliss walks to the opposite corner and starts running towards Carmella. As she's running, she performs handstands and cartwheels while bumping her butt into Carmella's stomach, which causes Carmella to fall down, groggy on the bottom turnbuckle.

Bliss looks back at Carmella and approaches her. She starts trash-talking and uses her boot to choke out Carmella. "It's a damn shame that you have to rely on your boys to get your popularity. Focus on us, not them. You want to dance and have a good time? I'll show you a good time." says Alexa.

Alexa stares at Carmella before gaining a devilish smirk on her face. She turns her body around so that her backside is facing Carmella. Bayley looks on with a discomforting face as Sasha laughs.

Alexa bends down and send her butt crashing into Carmella's face. Bliss starts shaking her hips back and forth as Carmella tries gasping for air. Alexa is rubbing her ass all over Carmella's face. As the referee approaches to start the 5-count, Alexa stops shaking her butt and just sits on her face.

Carmella's nose is buried up Alexa Bliss' butt. The referee gets to the count of 4 as Alexa Bliss stops the stinkface. Carmella looks absolutely distraught. Bliss spanks her butt in a mocking manner towards Carmella. Although, she keeps taunting and she doesn't realize that Carmella managed to tag-in her partner.

Bayley irish-whips Bliss to corner and runs at her, then knocking her down to the mat with a jumping elbow strike. Bliss' head is resting perfectly against the turnbuckle. Carmella is on the floor trying not to throw up. Bayley then gets in the stinkface positiong as Sasha runs towards Bayley. Bayley meets her half-way, then hits the Belly-to-Bayley, her finishing move.

Sasha then goes to the opposite corner to rest. Carmella is back in the ring as Bayley tags her in. Bayley and Carmella talk to each other and both know their next move. Carmella positions her backside to Bliss as she looks over at Bayley who's positioned with her backside to Sasha.

Both Sasha and Bliss are resting their heads at the bottom turnbuckle as Carmella yells out, "Do it, Bayley!" Both girls plant their butts right in their opponent's face. Carmella quits holding the rope as she dances, while Alexa's face is still in her ass. Sasha's face disappears almost completely as it's buried up Bayley's large booty. Bayley slowly swerves her butt in a circular motion.

Once the referee hits the count of three, both girls arch their butt out and get up as they end the double stinkface. Bayley rolls Sasha out as Carmella hits the headscissor figure-four which causes Bliss to tap out.

Announcer: Here are your winners, Bayley & Carmella, Baymella!

Both girls celebrate in the ring as they bump their hips in each other. Although, both are blindsided by Alexa and Sasha. The girls start beating up poor Bayley and Carmella. Sasha then arches her butt out, slaps it and points to it. Bliss gets Bayley up and holds both of her arms.

Bayley's face is mere inches away from Sasha's ass. Bliss then forces Bayley's face in Sasha's ass. Sasha barely moves as Bliss moves Bayley's head so that she's getting the full Sasha Banks stinkface effect. Bliss then gets Bayley and throws her to the mat. Bliss then says it's her turn.

Alexa slaps her butt and Sasha gets up Carmella. Even though the Alexa Bliss stinkface she suffered earlier was enough, Alexa feels obligated to hike her shorts into a makeshift thong. Carmella sees this as her eyes grow wide.

Sasha then forces Carmella's face up Alexa's blissful booty. Alexa shakes it in her face and starts gyrating her hips in a circular motion. Sasha forces the poor girl's face as far as she can go up Bliss' butt as she ends the blissful stinkface a few seconds later.

Sasha and Alexa then hold up each others hands in victory and the scene ends.
Story: Baymella vs. Sasha Banks/Alexa Bliss
Getting a Carmella stinkface or Alexa Bliss stinkface would be my dream come true. I fucking adore Alexa Bliss. <3

Also, tried to make it as realistic as possible without going "too" overboard
Nina Williams [Wrestling Outfit] (XNA) by DynasticJeff
Nina Williams [Wrestling Outfit] (XNA)
Requested. I totally forgot where I downloaded her from but I don't see her available anymore. Anyway, same thing. Credit to the original peeps who extracted and rigged her.

Nina Williams is property of NAMCO. ®
Is there a way to do it with XNALara? I see two models I've been wanting for years, but they're in .obj format and are not loading on XNALara. So, I ask, is there a way to pose the .obj files? Or can someone convert them to a format that XNALara can use?



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