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Rainbow Mika Stinkface 7 by DynasticJeff
Rainbow Mika Stinkface 7
In honor of R. Mika being announced for Street Fighter V, I made this pic to celebrate it!
Rainbow Mika Stinkface 6 by DynasticJeff
Rainbow Mika Stinkface 6
In honor of R. Mika being announced for Street Fighter V, I made this pic to celebrate it!
While training at Rikishi's wrestling school, Jeff had his Angels alongside with him as he battled a few foes to gain experience. Being a gambling man, Jeff told the Big Kish: "Hey, you wanna make a bet?"

Kish: Hell yeah, bro. What's up?

Jeff: I've been watching you for a decade. Always been a big fan of your matches. I wager, that since I'm still a newbie and have only been here for two days, I think I can pick you up and hit a powerbomb on ya!

Kish: Ha, no way, kid. You need a lot more training to successfully pull off a powerbomb on a 400-pound man.

Jeff: Well, if I do this?

Kish: Yeah, I'll give you a thousand dollars.

Jeff: And if I don't?

*Rikishi looks at Jeff's Angels at ringside chatting amongst each other.*

Kish: about I give each of your girls over there a piece of the 'Kish?

Jeff freezes before responding nervously.

Jeff: Um...what...d-do you mean?

Kish: If you can't pick me up, I'll stick my giant ass in their pretty faces. Wanna see your girl, Victoria get a stinkface of justice?

Jeff: No way! I don't want to see my girl's face buried in your ass! Deal off!

Kish: C'mon man! You chicken? You started it! Show your girls you have confidence!

Jeff thinks about the decision long and hard.

Jeff: I know I'm gonna regret this but...OK. Deal.

They shake hands before Kish invites Jeff's Angels into the ring. Jeff then sets up Kish for the powerbomb.

Jeff: C'MON!

Jeff lifts up the big man but is unable to pull off the powerbomb and throws his back out.

Jeff: SHIT!

Kish: Aw man! Told ya you needed more practice. It's stinkface time! Get in here ladies!

The girls reluctantly step into the ring.

Kish: Alright! Who's gonna get the appetizer? How about you, Hayley?

Hayley: I...I don't want to do this.

Kish: Sorry, Jeff made a bet. Stick to it.

Kish places Hayley into the corner.

Hayley: Oh man, please don't hurt me.

Kish: Just relax.

Rikishi runs at Hayley and hits her in the abdomen with his ass. Hayley does the thump from hell and rests her head on the turnbuckle.

Rikishi smiles as he does his classic over the shoulder look.

Rikishi shows Jeff's Angels who's boss. (Part I)
Jeff's Angels are a collection of my favorite celebrities (who are female).

They consist of:
Victoria Justice
Ariana Grande
Hayley Williams

Rikishi's gonna stinkface them all...right? This was done as a personal request from one of my best friends and I started on it yesterday, so, I'm posting what I wrote so far.

Part II coming soon! Hopefully this will hold you over for a little while.
More than friends... by DynasticJeff
More than friends...
So, I've been playing Life is Strange a lot recently and as I progress, I feel Max and Chloe's bond grow strong. I did hear rumors on Episode 5 containing a lesbian sex scene, but I highly doubt that. So, I decided to make this picture of Max x Chloe passionately making out. I didn't do it with naughty intentions in mind, believe it or not, but because I wanted to further explore their relationship. Is it friendship? Is it more? We'll find out in Episode 5! Coming soon!
my bae Victoria Justice. It's just...who should give her the stinkface? I'm thinking Rikishi.

Something about seeing my bae get the stinkface is just...


Even better when she's doing the stinkface to a girl.

*river of blood from nose*

So, give me ideas on who should give Victoria the stinkface


United States
I'm nice if you give me the chance and not criticize me for my 'fetish' if you call it that.

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